Ruxcon/Rapid7 Party

Date Saturday, 20th
Time 7:00PM
Location +613-ASK-AROUND

Security conferences offer unique opportunities not only to expand your skills but also to share knowledge and experiences with like minded blah BLAH blah blah blablabla... listen. There's an Open Bar. Open Bar, Saturday, 7:00PM til 11:00PM.

YES! The official Ruxcon / Rapid7 party. Deals are done, 0day drops, researchers reveal stuff too sensitive for slides. Someone gets drunk and takes off their shirt. Smell the magic!

And what's even more awesome than an open bar? Well.. nothing really, BUT a pretty close second are all the cool things you can be doing AT THE SAME TIME as enjoying free drinks from the open bar from 7 til 11PM.

  • Capture the Flag aka Operation Sizzlechest, aka OMG That Man Is Hairy
  • Lockpicking Table-  so much fun it should be illegal!
  • Giveaways. Possibly a Meat Tray. Possibly better stuff.
  • Arcade Machines (mix of oldschool classics)
  • Numerous other 3D humans who like the same things you like.
  • Open Bar
  • Snacks

You'll need your Ruxcon badge to get in. Doors open to 'normal' people at 11PM, but for the dedicated we have reserved a private area so you can kick on with the conference crowd until 1AM, VIP style.

To register please visit: