Lockpicking Competition

Date Sunday, 21st
Time 1:00PM
Location Event Room 2

`7Mb,od8 `7MM  `7MM  `7M'   `MF'  MM  ,pW"Wq.`7M'   `MF'
  MM' "'   MM    MM    `VA ,V'    MM 6W'   `Wb `VA ,V'
  MM       MM    MM      XMX      MM 8M     M8   XMX
  MM       MM    MM    ,V' VA.    MM YA.   ,A9 ,V' VA.
.JMML.     `Mbod"YML..AM.   .MA..JMML.`Ybmd9'.AM.   .MA. 2012


The RuxLox competition will involve a little skill and a little strategy. Contestants will initially be placed in teams and pitted against team mates if elimination is survived. Three players will finally progress.


RuxLox Final Round

Date Sunday, 21st
Time 5:15PM
Location Event Room 2


Three remaining contestants will battle for the RuxLox competition prize and honour. The details are a closely-guarded secret. Unless you get Silvio Cesare drunk... A worthy prize will be offered.